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This website is made available by the Office of Senator Sonny Angara only to HELP IN PROVIDING linkages among potential donors, Covid-19 patients, and hospitals performing convalescent plasma therapy. ALL INFORMATION, CONTENT, AND MATERIAL IN THIS WEBSITE IS FOR INFORMATIONAL PURPOSES ONLY AND ARE NOT INTENDED TO SERVE AS SUBSTITUTE FOR THE CONSULTATION, DIAGNOSIS AND/OR TREATMENT OF A QUALIFIED HEALTHCARE PROVIDER. We do not make any warranties about the SAFETY, reliability, and efficacy of the convalescent plasma therapy.


NO DATA WILL BE STORED IN THIS WEBSITE. ALL PERSONAL INFORMATION WILL BE DIRECTLY FORWARDED TO THE E-MAIL ACCOUNTS OF THE HOSPITALS THAT OFFER THIS THERAPY. By using this site you understand that all your personal information will be utilized by the hospitals performing convalescent plasma therapy, and will be subject to their respective privacy policies.


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